Life Looking Back for May 4, 2012

Protesters criticized

Low income housing residents who picketed HUD Secretary Romney during his recent visit to the Twin Cities raised the ire of Blaine Mayor Roger Barnes. Pickets, who claimed to represent Blaine 235 Homeowners, crashed a news conference and protested deficiencies in their Vern Donnay Northwood Homes.

Barnes rapped the group and sent a telegram of apology to Secretary Romney. Barnes and Councilman Don Knoll took part in a federal investigation of the complaints in 235 federally subsidized housing earlier this week.

– 40 years ago, April 28, 1972


School property taxes increase in District 16

School property tax statements arrived at most school District 16 residents’ homes last week and have residents wondering about the tax increases.

District 16 school officials point to three main reasons for the increases: 1) increases in the assessed value of property; 2) recent legislative changes in the local school district levy laws, and 3) the five mill additional referendum approved by the district voters in October, 1981.

– 30 years ago, April 30, 1982


Softball: Blaine fell from the top when its play did not measure up

The Blaine team which had dealt Coon Rapids its only defeat prior to this week, lost its second consecutive conference game Wednesday afternoon, 8-3 to Stillwater.

It was a game in which Blaine faltered badly on defense.

– 20 years ago, April 24, 1992


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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