Get golf ready

I would bet that every one of you knows someone who has tried the game of golf and has quickly given it up. It may be your husband, your wife, your child, a friend or it could even be you. The question is why did it happen?

Chris Weinhold, assistant golf professional TPC Twin Cities
Chris Weinhold, assistant golf professional TPC Twin Cities

There are many different reasons that people will stop playing golf, but the majority of the time, difficulty is at the top of the list. Some of you will say that time is the biggest factor, but I would say that the difficulty of the sport causes this. No matter how athletic or talented you may be, golf is a very tough sport to become good at in a quick period of time. It is tough for a recreational golfer, who may only play one or two times a month, to develop the desired consistency. Often this can lead to frustrations on the course and even become embarrassing if you are playing poorly in front of another group of golfers.

As a golf professional, I can assure you that we are here to help ease these frustrations and make sure that playing golf is an enjoyable experience. One of the great programs that has been introduced to the golfing community in recent years is Get Golf Ready. This is a program designed to become golf ready in just five short lessons for $99. Many of the golf courses in the area offer these programs, and you can find one in your area by going to This is a perfect program for brand new golfers to golfers who are looking to become more comfortable with their game and their time on the course.

We put on multiple Get Golf Ready classes each year at TPC Twin Cities, and I can tell you from first hand experience that this program works. Below is a summary of what you can expect to learn in just five lessons:


Day One

• Overview of the sport

• Fundamentals of the game

• Etiquette and dress

• Putting

Day Two

• Chipping

• Pitching

• Hitting out of the bunkers

Day Three

• How to use your clubs

• Warming up/stretching

• Playing from the fairway

Day Four

• The full swing

• Which tee markers to play?

Day Five

• Playing a hole to completion

• Rules

• Keeping score



If you are a regular golfer, I encourage you to invite someone out this year that has either given up the game or has never played before. If you are a new to the game of golf, I encourage you to find a local professional that can help you get golf ready.

Chris Weinhold, PGA, is assistant golf professional at the TPC, Twin Cities.