Sentencing in Dec. 15, 2011 Ramsey burglary

An Anoka man has pleaded guilty in Anoka County District Court to felony receiving stolen property and fifth-degree drug possession charges for his role in a Ramsey burglary.

Justin David Vanderhoff, 20, was sentenced to 21 days in jail, with credit for three days served, and five years of supervised probation. A third count of second-degree burglary was dismissed

As part of his probation, Vanderhoff will have to pay $1,110 in restitution.

According to the criminal complaint, Vanderhoff reported that Jeremy Lane Pittman and an unidentified person brought items to his home after they burglarized a Ramsey home Dec. 15.

Vanderhoff admitted he agreed to pawn and/or sell the items as long as he received 25 percent of proceeds.

At the time of his arrest, Vanderhoff had five Alprazolam, also know as Xanax, pills in his pocket.

Vanderhoff admitted that the pills, which are classified as a controlled substance, were his and that he did not have a prescription.

In his post-Miranda statement, Pittman alleged Vanderhoff was one of three people in the home during the burglary.

According to the complaint, the homeowner returned home and saw a Wii game on her driveway and found that jewelry, a PlayStation console and games, Wii console and games, football cards and an air compressor were missing.

The victim estimated the value of the missing items over $5,000.

During the investigation, Ramsey Police officers check local pawn records and found that Vanderhoff had pawned several pieces of jewelry and the air compressor.

With the victim’s identification of the items, the police conducted a search of Vanderhoff’s home and found several of the other stolen items, including the football cards, gaming systems and jewelry.

A jury trial has been scheduled for Pittman, 22, on June 18 on a felony second-degree burglary charge.

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