Life Looking Back for May 11, 2012

Girls’ hockey program planned

The Blaine-Spring Lake Park Athletic Association would like to start a girls’ hockey program. The program would include all girls between ages of 9 to 14 inclusive, and would be played in the winter of 72-73.

Since there is need to purchase some equipment for this program the Blaine-Spring Lake Park AA needs to know how many girls are interested. If you are a girl, 9 to 14 years old and would like to play hockey, contact Jerry Fehringer now.

– 40 years ago, May 5, 1972


Big turnout gets little help from Review Board

Spring Lake Park city clerk Don Busch said it was the biggest turnout he has seen for a Board of Review hearing in the years he has worked for the city.

With good reason. When the 1982 tax statements were finally received by residents last month, Spring Lake Park property owners saw their taxes take a hefty increase over what they paid in 1981.

– 30 years ago, May 7, 1982


A Christian education for children

At present, the building is in the middle of a transformation process. Most recently used by Anoka County, the building is gradually beginning to resemble what it once was — a school.

What once was the Blaine Elementary School will be re-opened this September as the Calvin Christian School.

“This building was set up in a non-school environment,” said Doug Evink, public relations chairman for the school. “We had to bust down walls, take down suspended ceiling and remove unnecessary apparatus just to reconvert the interior of the building into classrooms again.”

– 20 years ago, May 1, 1992


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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