Ramsey road project open house May 17

This summer Sunwood Drive will be undergoing construction.

The city of Ramsey will be holding an open house Thursday (May 17), 6 to 7:30 p.m., to give Ramsey residents and businesses a look at what the project will entail.

At the meeting, which will be held in the council chambers at Ramsey Municipal Center, 7550 Sunwood Drive N.W., people will be able to review the construction schedule, the road closures and detours for Armstrong Boulevard/Sunwood Drive intersection and potential roadway impacts.

The road project will shift the Sunwood Drive/Armstrong Boulevard intersection and Suwood Drive alignment north of its current location and includes signalization of the intersection.

Project will also add dedicated turn lanes, utility improvements as well as concrete curbing and medians.

“The intent is to work north to south on Armstrong Boulevard and complete another section of the roadway in its final location; to set the stage for the ultimate interchange over the BNSF railroad tracks and Highway 10,” according to City Administrator Kurt Ulrich.

In the short term, the realignment project will provide better traffic flow through Armstong Boulevard corridor and a signalized access to the COR along its western boundary, provide for a portion of the city’s cost participation in the future interchange project and create additional development opportunities within the COR, he said.

Construction is expected to begin July 9 with the project being substantially completed by the end of October.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]