Crossroads joins BestPrep eMentors projects

Crossroads High School students participated in the BestPrep eMentors Program.

BestPrep is a statewide nonprofit organization, with a mission to best prepare Minnesota students with business, career and financial literacy. It recruited professionals from Accenture, a global management, technology services and outsourcing company, to serve as eMentors to Crossroads students.

The eMentors and students exchanged weekly e-mails based on a series of guiding career questions.

Accenture professional Geliene Fitzgerald e-mailed student Dezzy Hines a few suggestions about interviewing for a job. “Before the interview, do research the company. This may give you something to talk about and it will show them that you are very interested,” she wrote.

“Then after the interview, send the company a thank you card thanking them for their time and the opportunity to interview.”

Student MichaelVega-Lalonde e-mailed an eMentor about volunteering for the upcoming Randy Bauer Memorial 5K May 5.

eMentor Sherief Elabbady responded with, “Volunteering is very important in order to better our communities… it really builds character.”

Elabbady talked about his own volunteer work with Students Today, Leaders Forever, a group that provides an alternative spring break and travels to six different cities in the U.S. completing different service projects in each city.

At the conclusion of the seven-week program, eMentors and students met face-to-face for a celebration at the Accenture Towers in Minneapolis.

eMentor Steve Patterson, senior software development, project and product manager, e-mailed student Richard Gallmeier, weekly from his work with a client in Brazil.

Patterson arranged his schedule to return to Minneapolis to meet Gallmeier who graduated from Crossroads the same day as the celebration.

The BestPrep eMentor Program increased academic motivation, improved reading and writing skills  and linked student learning to the world of work, according to Nancy Chave, Crossroads principal.

“It is the real world experiences that have the most impact on our students,” Chave said.