Offer is made on Home for Generations house

The city of Coon Rapids’ fifth Home for Generations house has to all intents and purposes been sold.

But that did not stop the city from hosting the first in a series of post-construction open houses at the 11635 Xavis St. N.W. property to showcase the just-completed remodeling project on the 1960 rambler by Legacy Homes, Inc., the contractor hired by the Coon Rapids Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) to do the work.

Remodeling has been completed by Legacy Homes Inc. on the city of Coon Rapids’ fifth Home for Generations project at 11635 Xavis St. N.W. and the first in a series of open houses took place Saturday and Sunday.
Remodeling has been completed by Legacy Homes Inc. on the city of Coon Rapids’ fifth Home for Generations project at 11635 Xavis St. N.W. and the first in a series of open houses took place Saturday and Sunday.

That’s because the purpose of the Home for Generations program is not just to purchase foreclosed/vacant older homes in the city, then remodel and sell them to recoup the city’s costs, but also to demonstrate to residents how older homes in the city can be brought up to date with remodeling projects.

According to Kristin DeGrande, city neighborhood coordinator, an offer for the property has been received from a couple at the city’s asking price of $144,900.

The couple had come to the mid-construction open house at the home in March, DeGrande said.

“They made an offer earlier this month,” she said.

If all goes according to plan, the offer will be taken to the Coon Rapids HRA, which comprises the seven members of the Coon Rapids City Council, for approval June 5.

“I hope it is a formality,” DeGrande said.

Closing on the property is anticipated on or before June 28, she said.

DeGrande has been delighted by the remodeling work done on the house by Legacy Homes Inc., which is owned by Darrell Olson.

“It looks fabulous,” she said.

Unlike the prior four remodeling Home for Generations projects, this remodeling work has been split up into a series of smaller projects to give residents ideas on how to phase their own remodeling plans to make them more affordable, according to DeGrande.

To give visitors to the open houses an idea of what each project segment would cost, DeGrande posted signs that showed the cost of each facet of the remodeling work.

For example, relocating the front door had a $2,000 price tag, roof gable and studs over the front door cost $3,000 and remodeling the basement, minus the bathroom, cost $10,000.

Interior work done by Legacy Homes included opening the stairwell wall and adding railings, removing the window at the end of the living room and relocating the front door, refinishing kitchen cabinets and doors plus replacing the kitchen counters, creating a walk-in pantry as well as a main-floor laundry room, walk-in closet and dressing area, opening up the center wall in the basement to create a multi-functional space for a variety of activities, replacing a two-foot vanity with a four-foot vanity in the main floor bathroom and removing a four-foot front entry closet by adding an eight-foot closet at the bathroom wall.

In addition, the size of the master bedroom was increased, the basement ceiling was Sheet rocked, all bedrooms and carpeting were recarpeted, all ceilings were sprayed and repainted, all walls were painted with up-to-date colors and the wood floors were sanded and re-coated.

On the outside, work included adding a gable over the relocated front door, adding sidewalk and steps, removing dead trees, cleaning up the landscaping, exterior painting and installation of new lighting.

According to Olson, he adapted some of the planned remodeling and did some updates where warranted.

For example, the tile work was changed to ceramic rather than fiber glass and more work was done on the trim than previously planned, Olson said.

The project has also been designed to create a more open floor plan, make the main floor more functional, increase the amount of storage and improve curb appeal, he said.

And new windows have brought so much more light to the main floor, Olson said.

“It feels so bright in here,” he said.

But the highlight of the project has been the reception of residents at the open houses, according to Olson.

“The reception has been nothing but positive and people are very happy with the floor plan,” Olson said.

“We have had great turn-outs at the open houses.”

The first home that Greg Leciejewski and his wife, Shelly, owned in Coon Rapids was a rambler exactly like the Home for Generations project on Xavis Street.

The Leciejewskis came to the post-construction open house Saturday to see the results of the remodeling work.

“We are very impressed,” Leciejewski said.

For example, the project has opened up a bedroom in the basement, he said.

“It’s much more family-friendly,” Leciejewski said.

And Home for Generations is a great program that provides remodeling ideas that are affordable, he said.

What impressed Shelly Leciejewski about the remodeling project was relocating the laundry room from the basement to the main floor, she said.

Coon Rapids resident Paul Patton was at the open house with his wife, as he was at both the pre-construction and mid-construction open houses, to get ideas for remodeling his home, although it is not a rambler but rather a two-story residence.

“I have seen some things I really like,” Patton said.

These include the finished basement and the impact of the windows, he said.

“I also like the way existing materials have been incorporated into the remodeling work,” he said.

There will also be open houses at the Xavis Street home Sunday, May 20 and Sunday, June 3, both from noon to 3 p.m.

The house is located off Northdale Boulevard, two blocks west of Coon Rapids High School.

This is the fifth vacant/foreclosed home that the HRA has purchased through the Home for Generations program since it was launched in 2009.

All four prior homes that have been purchased and remodeled have been sold, including two last year.

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