Changes to deal on Castle Field sale to HealthPartners

Some changes have been made to the purchase agreement between the city of Anoka and Health Partners for the sale of the current Castle Field site.

The amendments have been to allow for a 60,000 square-foot clinic HealthPartners is planning to build on the property, relocating the RiverWay Clinic from downtown Anoka.

The expanded size of the clinic, along with the required 208 parking stalls, meant HealthPartners was in need of some additional property to make the site plan work, said Community Development Director Bob Kirchner.

To accommodate HealthPartners, the Anoka City Council May 7 agreed to vacate a portion of the right of way from Greenhaven Road, increasing the development site by 9,231 square feet.

While the vacation will not affect traffic because of an extra-wide right of way, tenants from the nearby apartment buildings have been using the unpaved city-owned parking space.

City Planner Erik Thorvig said the owners of those nearby properties have been notified of the upcoming changes.

The price for the property is $7 a square-foot, with HealthPartners prepared to pay $1,388,121 for the Castle Field site off Highway 10.


Concern over pond

As part of the agreement, HealthPartners will construct a storm drainage pond on the city-owned golf course to handle storm water from the clinic site.

HealthPartners will pay $54,295 for the pond site easement and will also cover the cost of the pond’s construction.

Back in early May Councilmember Jeff Weaver had concerns over the financial responsibility of any aesthetic improvements to the pond.

Under the agreement, the city is responsible for any extra beautification, but HealthPartners will be required to line the pond with clay to help for water retention.

When the council finalized the purchase agreement May 21, Kirchner said the elevation of the pond would be 844 feet, with the groundwater table at 846 feet – meaning unless there are extreme weather conditions there should be water in the pond through most of the golfing season.

He also told the council the pond will improve the look and playability of Green Haven Golf Course, according to Golf Manager Larry Norland.


Time line

Kirchner said the site plan and development agreement for the new clinic should be before the council for approval June 18.

The last game at Castle Field is scheduled for July 14, after which the city will dismantle the ball field.

“We will be moving quickly in June and July for them to get to a point of construction on August 1,” said Kirchner.

A ground breaking for the new Castle Field is planned for May 29 at 1:30 p.m.



Mandy Moran Froemming is at [email protected]