Union Looking Back for May 25, 2012

Anoka High school record

It might be of interest to the patrons of the Anoka High school (Central building) to know that in an enrollment of 224 students there has been an average daily attendance of 214 with three times the perfect attendance of two years ago, and in the last two years the number of tardinesses has been cut down from 598 to 27, and yet no one has been even hurt, much less killed; but rather, very much helped in being taught punctuality and regularity–a very essential lesson to good work and success.

– 100 years ago, May 29, 1912


Philolectians guests of Miss Crocker

A group of Philolectian members and a few of their friends motored to Minneapolis on Thursday afternoon at the invitation of Betty Crocker and visited the Gold Medal test kitchen.

It proved one of the most delightful trips recorded in the annals of the club. There was somehow a certain spirit of gracious hospitality which one felt as soon as they entered the place.

– 75 years ago, May 26, 1937


Lincoln PTA requests traffic safety measures

The City Commission Monday voted to survey the Lincoln school area and explore the possible improvement of street safety conditions.

Lincoln school PTA president Jerry Bryan said that no serious accidents had occurred to children in that area as yet, but asked for traffic safety improvements “before that happens.”

– 50 years ago, May 25, 1962


Anoka Co-Op marks 10 years

Anoka Food Co-Op began 10 years ago with one employee, very little cash and limited space, but lots of volunteers, dedication and a purpose.

The purpose now as it was a decade ago: to sell the most nourishing, minimally processed, low preservative, natural and organic foods at the lowest prices.

There was an obvious need for the business as many people like and support the idea of natural food and others are allergic to foods containing preservatives.

– 25 years ago, May 29, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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