Blaine council supports neighboring city’s speed study request

Blaine City Council is amenable to supporting a Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) speed study request made by a neighboring city.

The Lexington City Council has passed a resolution asking MnDOT to do a speed study of Lexington Avenue, said Bob Therres, public services manager

Lexington contacted Circle Pines and Blaine to request both cities pass resolutions asking for a speed study, Therres reported during a May 17 workshop.

“We wanted to run it by the council before bringing back a resolution,” Therres said. “Once we make this request, it’s in MnDOT’s hands,” Therres added.

City Administrator Clark Arneson said it’s possible the Lexington Avenue speed limit could be posted at a higher limit once MnDOT completes its study.

Councilmember Dick Swanson replied; “More than likely, it’s going to be a 50 mile-per-hour zone all the way. The safe reasonable speed out there is 55 mph.”

According to Therres, Lexington city leaders indicated in an e-mail resolution to Blaine they wanted a consistent speed as opposed to four different speeds.

Councilmember Russ Herbst had a speed limit question related to another community. He asked about certain roads in Lino Lakes and school speed limits.

“Go into Lino and go down Anoka County 14,” Herbst said. “When you hit the area around George Watch Lake, you get a lot of 35 mph roads. My question is, how did Lino Lakes get Anoka County to lower the speed limit [in that area?]”

Herbst suggested staff ride through Lino Lakes and travel nearby Anoka County roads to check speeds.

Arneson said staff would bring back a resolution for council consideration.

Tim Hennagir is at [email protected]