Coon Rapids awards contract for residential street reconstruction

A contract to reconstruct five miles of residential streets in the city of Coon Rapids has been awarded by the Coon Rapids City Council.

Residential streets to be reconstructed in the city of Coon Rapids this year. The Coon Rapids City Council has awarded a contract for a little over $2 million. Map: city of Coon Rapids
Residential streets to be reconstructed in the city of Coon Rapids this year. The Coon Rapids City Council has awarded a contract for a little over $2 million. Map: city of Coon Rapids

But the low bid from Northwest Asphalt Inc. of $2,057,750.50 was higher than the engineer’s estimate of $1,998,150 by some 3 percent – the first time that had happened in many years.

According to City Engineer Doug Vierzba, it appears that the cost of fuel and bituminous materials is higher than expected.

At the same time, the council approved $777,963.09 in project assessments for benefiting properties; a public hearing took place in April.

The higher cost won’t be passed on to the property owners because the assessments are fixed; the balance of the cost is picked up by the city from several different funds – $1,105,000 from the street reconstruction fund, $82,000 from the storm water utility fund and $235,000 from the water utility fund.

The project comprises replacement of hydrants and watermain valves in the Tralee Terrace area and Springbrook Cove, replace old street signs, replacement of existing curb and gutter in need to repair and paving a new surface.

Four areas in the south central part of Coon Rapids will be reconstructed through the project.

• South Robinson Drive area located either side of Robinson and north of Egret Boulevard and south of Creek Meadow Drive.

• South Egret Boulevard area located south of Coon Rapids Boulevard near the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park.

• Tralee Terrace area at Redwood Street and 98th Avenue.

• Springbrook Cove area located south of 85th Avenue and east of East River Road.

Streets in these areas range from 18 to 41 years old. “These streets are starting to crack excessively and will become a maintenance problem if they are not repaved soon,” Vierzba said.

Street cracking leads to pot holes with the freeze and thaw cycles of the winter and spring and a lot of these streets already have pot holes, he said.

The streets were chosen for reconstruction based on their condition rating, which was completed by the engineering department on all 181 miles of residential streets in the city in 2009 to allow for the planned program over the next five years, he said.

“The five-year plan may be modified as streets are reviewed for the following year’s program,” Vierzba said.

The city has 181 miles of residential streets and it should continue to reconstruct from five to seven miles per year to keep the street system in reasonable condition into the future, according to Vierzba.

The project impacts 387 single-family lots, 38 duplex units, 37 townhome units, 130 condominium units and 10 apartment buildings.

Assessments are $1,575 per single-family lot, $19.69 per front foot of average width for higher density residential including duplexes and $39.38 per average front foot for commercial and office.

Most assessments will be spread over a 10-year period at a 3.1 percent interest rate beginning in 2013, Vierzba said.

Properties, such as condominiums, with smaller assessment amounts, will be assessed over three years with an interest rate of 2 percent, he said.

Construction is expected to begin immediately after the Memorial Day weekend and be completed in September, Vierzba said.

The contractor is expected to begin reconstruction in the southern part of the city where watermain work and hydrant replacement is taking place, he said.

In addition, unanticipated sewer work is required on 111th Avenue when streets are reconstructed in the area west of Robinson Drive and south of Creek Meadow Drive, according to Vierzba said.

Residents in the construction areas whose properties have underground sprinklers will receive flags from the city to post on the sprinkler heads, Vierzba said.

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