Man gets prison time for Spring Lake Park assault, kidnapping, robbery

A man who was accused in Anoka County District Court of robbing, assaulting and kidnapping a Spring Lake Park woman has been sent to prison.

William John Kelo Hammac, 31, St. Paul, was given a 116-month prison sentence with credit for 138 days served in jail at a court hearing May 7 following his guilty plea March 26 to a felony first-degree aggravated robbery count.

Felony charges of first-degree burglary, kidnapping, second-degree assault and terroristic threats were dismissed at sentencing.

Hammac entered a guilty plea after a court-ordered Rule 20 competency evaluation by a licensed psychologist found him competent to stand trial.

A Spring Lake Park Police officer responded to Unity Hospital Dec. 21 where a woman, 37, who was crying and hysterical, had her left wrist duct taped, the remains of duct tape on her right wrist, blood and pieces of duct tape on her mouth and duct tape in her hair.

According to the woman’s account, she arranged to meet a man, later identified as Hammac, through an adult online dating service, giving police his user name, and had cell phone contact before they met the evening of Dec. 20.

When he came to her Spring Lake Park home with a movie to watch, she asked to see his driver’s license to confirm his identity; his first name was William and his middle name was Kelo.

After about 10 minutes they stopped watching the movie to talk and kiss before the woman told the man he would have to leave so that her daughter would not wake up.

He agreed and she went up to her room, but the complaint states that at 6:45 a.m. Dec. 21, Hammac returned, walked into her room, told her to get up, punched her in the face and cut her on her chest with a knife.

Then he told her to take off her clothes, made several phone calls and collected several of the woman’s belongings which he put into a bag before taking her down to the garage, still naked, and putting her in the trunk of her car.

He told her not to yell or else he would hurt her five-year-old daughter who was asleep upstairs, then when she yelled to try and get the attention of neighbors, he duct taped her mouth and her hands behind her back as well as punching her several times on the buttocks and cutting her on the buttocks and left thigh with the knife.

According to the complaint, Hammac drove for some time with the woman in the trunk of the car, before letting her out in an alley somewhere in St. Paul and giving her a coat to cover herself.

He threatened to kill her and her family if she called police, the complaint states.

Police identified Hammac by comparing his online dating service profile with his driver’s license, while the woman also positively identified her attacker as Hammac.

Property of the woman taken from the residence by Hammac included a 42-inch HDTV, hundreds of antique coins, an alarm clock docking station for an iPhone, an iPhone and several gifts for her daughter, as well as an old computer from the garage.

According to the complaint, Hammac had a 2005 felony second-degree assault conviction in which a dangerous weapon was used.

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