Golf column: Tip of the week

By Joshua Breen
Links at Northfork

As we begin to have a few rounds under the belt, we start to have some expectations for the golf season; instead of expectations, I ask you to set goals.There is a big difference in these two.

Everybody will have different goals but try and set them for the 2012 golf season.

If it’s practicing once a week, month, day, etc… If it’s playing at least once a week or once a month or breaking 90. It could be hitting balls, taking a lesson before the company golf outing or if it’s coming out to have fun and be outside with friends and family and not care about the score that’s great, too.

Set clear objectives of what you want out of you golf game and try to follow through.

Speaking of follow though, there are some actual golf tips you can use on the golf course. In follow though, we are making a swing… and the ball just happens to get in the way of our swing.

This is for the right handed golfer, on the follow through we are talking the whole time here. Drive the hands up to the left ear, get the weight over to the toward heal on the left foot and when you look down, the core and knees should be facing the target.

Get balanced, take a breather while holding the follow through, get used to where you need to be, loosen up the core of the body and start hitting the golf ball with the whole body.

Get the body facing your target on the follow through and start hitting more fairways and greens, while making it easier on the joints at the same time.

Joshua Breen is the director of golf at the Links at Northfork in Ramsey.