Blaine police introduce new crime reporting website

The Blaine Police Department is seeking public comment about a new online crime reporting and mapping tool that’s a click away on the city’s website. displays local crime incident data visually for residents, said Wende Ferguson, Blaine Police Department support services manager.

“There are two ways to find on the city’s website,” Ferguson said. “You can click on the linked icon under ‘Residents’ or ‘Safety Services.’”

Click here to get to city of Blaine Crime Reports web page.

The public can sign up for crime alerts by entering the types of crimes they are interested in and how often they want to receive information, Ferguson said. can be utilized by community members to view an interactive map which identifies the locations of police calls.

Community members can sign up for e-mail alerts based on their location and customize the information they choose to receive. The program has an iPhone application, she said.

“It’s a very visual product,” she said. “Once you’ve established your neighborhood, you can get crime alerts, which go straight to your personal e-mail address.” also features a message center that can be used to push information out to certain city areas if there is a police alert or emergency reported.

“We also can give brief information and descriptions about particular crime incidents,” Ferguson said during a recent demonstration.

Crime category listings can be selected by date range or neighborhood location. The Blaine Police Department controls all information that’s available online.

“ gives an approximate block location. It doesn’t give an exact address,” Ferguson said. “We are restricted by what our database pushes out.”

Blaine police plan to provide instructional information about on the city’s website so users can better navigate the crime reporting website.

“We want to know what the public thinks about this system,” Ferguson said. “If you are really into this kind of thing, and you see a trend using it, let us know.”

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  • Joe B.

    I absolutely love this site!!! It does a great job letting the community know what crimes happened, where, and at what time. They did a great job protecting privacy, but still clearly communicate what the local dirt-bags are up to. Thanks Blaine P.D.!!