Library and Lyric Arts partnership

Anoka County Library, in partnership with the Lyric Arts Theater, will offer a “Page and Stage” experience Sunday, June 10, noon, at the Lyric Arts Main Street Stage, 420 E. Main St., Anoka.

During this afternoon, participants will take a closer look at “Heaven Can Wait,” a play that has been adapted for film three times over the span of 60 years, the most famous being the 1978 film starring Warren Beatty.

“Heaven Can Wait” is the story of boxer Joe Pendleton, who, while flying to his next fight, crashes and is sent to the hereafter – 60 years too soon.

To make matters worse, before the mistake can be corrected by heavenly supervisor Mr. Jordan, his body is cremated.

Joe is given the body of the very wealthy Jonathan Farnsworth who is about to be murdered by his wife. Joe, living as Farnsworth, tries to remake Farnsworth’s unworthy life and avoid his murderous wife while resurrecting his boxing career and falling in love.

All is going somewhat according to plan until Farnsworth raises a fuss and insists on having his body back.

Soul-transferring shenanigans ensue as Mr. Jordan attempts to complete his earthly task and Joe fights to keep his own spirit alive.

“This experience is great for anyone interested in learning the logistics of a stage production,” said Anoka County Commissioner Dan Erhart.

“It will give anyone a new appreciation for the work that goes on behind the scenes to bring the joy and laughter to life on stage.”

This show is open to ages 15 and older. Registration is required and seating is limited.

To reserve a spot, contact the Main Street Box Office at 763-433-2510 extension 101 and mention the Anoka County Library Heaven Can Wait “Page and Stage” program.

Participants must register by June 1 and are expected to take part in all aspects of the program, including pre-show and post-show discussions.

Once registered, participants will receive a copy of the script and a study guide to prepare for the pre-show discussion.

Cristopher Tibbetts will facilitate the discussion of the script, its characters and “what to look for” in the performance.

Tibbetts is an actor, director, playwright, performance instructor and artistic director of Workhouse Theatre Company.

Following the performance, there will be a post-show discussion where the cast and director hold a question and answer session with the audience.

To register for this free event, call 763-433-2510, extension 101.

For more information about this program and the Anoka County Library, visit