Blaine man sentenced in synthetic drug case

The 22-year-old Blaine man who provided an illegal drug that killed a teen more than a year ago was sentenced Tuesday in Anoka County District Court.

Timothy Richard LaMere was sentenced to almost 10 years in prison by Judge Alan F. Pendleton after pleading guilty earlier this year to a felony third-degree murder charge.

Earlier this year, LaMere admitted in court to providing the drug 2C-E to a group of young Blaine partygoers in March 2011.

According to court documents, Trevor Robinson-Davis, Coon Rapids, 19, died after ingesting the drug.

When police officers arrived at the party, they discovered several young people who had apparently overdosed and needed immediate medical attention.

Robinson-Davis was taken to the hospital but died 12 hours later.

The other people at the Blaine house party were treated and survived.

Lamere later admitted to purchasing the drug over the Internet and that he brought it to the party to give to others.

Police were informed by witnesses LaMere had provided a substance to anyone who wanted it.

The substance was tested and determined to be 8.9 grams of the drug 2C-E.

According to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and U.S. Department of Drug Enforcement, the drug 2C-E’s chemical description places it within the definition of a controlled substance, making it illegal.

In a news release issued Tuesday afternoon, Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo expressed his condolences to members of the Robinson family.

“There is no triumph for the criminal justice in this sentence, but only great sadness,”  Palumbo said.

“One young man lost his life and now his friend is going to prison.”

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