Dist. 15 approves contracts for drivers, nutrition services

St. Francis School District 15 has approved two more employee contracts.

The school board unanimously approved two-year contracts for the bus drivers and nutrition services employees May 29.

Boardmember Matt Rustad was absent.

While the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 contract does not have a salary increase for the 47 bus drivers, it does include changes to their floating holidays and bereavement leave.

The bereavement language is more permissive and will allow the employees up to five days off to attend funerals and grieve no matter their relationship to the deceased, said David Lindberg, district human resources director.

Prior this contract, the bereavement leave was restricted with an allotted time based on the relationship of the deceased, he said.

Drivers will also be able to accrue up to five floating holidays in a year, rather than three.

For new bus drivers, the contract changes their probation period from six months to 110 scheduled working days.

The change will eliminate confusion on whether or not the summer months are included in the probation period, which they are not, said Lindberg.

The new contract also guarantees drivers one hour of pay for any trip canceled without notice.

Previous contract did not include this for the drivers, Lindberg said.

The contract also includes $500 for drivers who complete staff development training and are at the top of the pay scale.

Other drivers are required to complete the training, which could include bus safety and blood borne pathogens, to move to the next salary step, Lindberg said.

There was no change to the employee health insurance contribution.

Eighty-five percent of the drivers voting on the contract approved it. The vote was 32 for the contract and six against.


Nutrition services

The 59 nutrition services employees also received the new bereavement language in their two-year contract.

The only other change was a reduction in sick leave to fund a salary increase, Lindberg said.

In the new contract, the employees will give up two sick days for a 15 cent increase in the second year.

Of the 27 nutrition services employees voting on the contract, 21 approved the contract and six said no.

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