Letters to the editor for June 8, 2012

Letter was uninformed

To the Editor:

June Anderson, your letter of May 25 to the editor of the Anoka County Union concerning the denial of ISD 15’s request to put a business (clinic) in a residential area by the St. Francis City Council shows how uninformed you are.

Instead of going to the school board meetings where the clinic was discussed and the city council meetings where you could have seen Mr. Larson give misinformation, you choose to listen to people with the same lack of critical thinking you possess.

Since I became involved in the issues of this district, I’ve heard nothing but how little room they have in the schools and the shortage of classrooms.

There are no “unused” classrooms in the schools, according to Superintendent Saxton.

Also, Neo-Path is not a “non-profit” business. ISD 15 is paying it a significant amount of money for the use of the clinic.

As for “ducks in a row,” Mr. Larson said that if he had it to do over, he would do it differently. Maybe he would have given truthful information to the council.  One of the reasons Mr. Brown voted against the resolution change to allow the clinic was that “we hear one thing one time and two weeks later we hear something else.”

Your statement that district administrators “well researched” the obvious benefits of the clinic is laughable. Reread the above paragraph to see how prepared they were.

Travel to remote locations for routine, non-emergency medical treatment? Get real. St. Francis has a clinic on Highway 47 and there are many others within a short drive.

The council members voted against a resolution that would have allowed a business in a residential area.

Both Mr. Brown and Mr. Sandoval researched the available information and made their decisions without any e-mail input from either me or Mr. Gardner, whose name you couldn’t be bothered to spell correctly.

In fact, both councilmen stated that they had not received any e-mails in favor of the resolution. Mr. Gardner and I did speak before the city council against the resolution the night they vetoed it. Where were you?

What color is the sky in your world? The city council members need to “collaborate and cooperate with the school district?”

The school district’s sole responsibility is to provide an education to the students. Its “contributions” to the community thus far have included: bomb threats, printed racial slurs, teacher abuse of special education children, illegally allowing weapons on district property, moldy portable classrooms, purchasing 40 acres of property valued at $220,000 by Anoka County for the outrageous price of over $800,000, spending money on meetings in Denver and now a proposed meeting in California (which the district can ill afford) and many, many more poor decisions.

Maureen Ness
District 15 resident

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