Coon Rapids home damaged by fire

Fire damaged a kitchen at a Coon Rapids home the evening of May 30.Coon Rapids firefighters responded to a flames in the kitchen report shortly before 6 p.m. at a residence on the 1000 block of 106th Avenue N.W.

Black smoke was spotted coming from the rear of the house as firefighters arrived and a general alarm was struck, according to the fire department run report.

When firefighters entered the home, no working fire was found, but there were burned cabinets, microwave oven, top of stove, smoldering cookbooks and a charred ceiling, the run report states.

Fire crews entered the attic and also checked the kitchen for any spread of the fire, but found none.

According to the run report, the homeowners were interviewed and the wife said she had used the left rear burner to heat scented wax, which is where the husband said he saw the stove glowing, whereupon he pulled the oven from the wall and unplugged it.

Investigating, firefighters found the left rear burner was set at 7 or 8, with 10 being the highest, the run report states.

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