Letters to the editor for June 15, 2012

Wonderful donation

To the Editor:

I would like to publicly thank Woodcrest Elementary School’s staff, parents and students for the wonderful donation to our Meals on Wheels program

It was my pleasure to host the second graders for a short informational meeting about our Meals on Wheels program. It ended in an unexpected shower from the automatic sprinkler system, but I hope the students still enjoyed themselves.

Students also decorated the lunch bags for our clients, which is always a treat. Eight students with two adults then delivered meals to our clients in the Osborne apartment building.

All the students were wonderful and our clients love seeing the children deliver meals. Thank you so much!!
Eve Frank,
executive director
Meals on Wheels, South Anoka County


Rule changes affect people

To the Editor:

I’d like to bring attention to an issue concerning the way a proposal being made to the Board of Soil and Water Resources (BWSR) board is being handled as well as what its impact on people.

A BWSR Committee has been working on a change to allow a good deal of the rules to be shifted to guidelines.

This may sound wonderful at first, but the impact is that it’s giving BWSR staff the ability to change guidelines at whim without a public meeting and without input by concerned entities such as the soil and water conservations districts and water management organizations from around the state.

Changes made to the guidelines can affect any number of things from funding to operations of districts and how they do projects or run.

The reason I write this article is not for the above reasons, but rather what happened with this change.

The public has to be given a 30-day period to have comments and input on changes before the committee can recommend them to the BWSR board; however. with this proposed change the committee has already met, and already made its recommendations to the full board in May even though the period for such input ended June 11.

BWSR, how was your committee able to take into the consideration public input before the public has had the chance to have its say?

Please don’t conduct yourselves in such a manner and not give fair input tho those concerned who deserve a say.

Karl J. Tingelstad
District 3 supervisor, Anoka Soil and Water Conservation

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