Union Looking Back for June 15, 2012

Anoka gets armory

At the armory board meeting at Lake City Wednesday, it was decided to grant the request of Co. B, Anoka, for a new armory. The $10,000 appropriated for such a purpose will be available next August, and plans will be at once drawn up for the new building. The old armory will probably be used as a drill room, and the new armory will no doubt occupy the corner west of it. This means a good deal to Anoka and Capt. Caswell, Major Pratt and the other officers are very much pleased.

– 100 years ago, June 12, 1912


Graduation exercises to be Thursday

Jean Workman is this year’s recipient of the highest honor the G.A.A. can give. She was chosen by the new present, the G.A.A. advisor, the principal and the superintendent for her attributes of service, leadership, character and athletic ability. In her four years in the G.A.A., Jean has participated in all major sports and has served on the council for one year.

– 75 years ago, June 9, 1937


Four seek office as first mayor of St. Francis

A closely contested race for the office of the first mayor of the newly formed village of St. Francis was assured today with the filing of four candidates for that post.

St. Francis village residents will vote Tuesday, June 12 for their first mayor, clerk, treasurer, trustees, justices of the peace and constables. The election will be held at St. Francis high school from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Filings closed Monday.

– 50 years ago, June 8, 1962


Hot and wet

Swimmers, divers and waders greeted the opening of Charles L. Horn swimming pool with enthusiasm as they cooled off from warm weather. The outdoor pool, a gift from the lake Charles L. Horn, president of Federal Cartridge Corporation in 1957, will be open until September this year, marking its longest swimming season. The pool is located in George Green Park. An anniversary celebration is planned July 16.

– 25 years ago, June 12, 1987


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