Coon Rapids seniors recognized for academic success

Seniors from the Coon Rapids High School of 2012 were recognized for their academic achievements at the annual senior recognition night program in the high school auditorium May 30.

The Coon Rapids Community Scholarship Association presented scholarships to 140 seniors and those seniors earning college and institutional scholarships were also recognized.

There were special awards presented – Sons of the American Revolution, AP Scholar and National Merit Recognition – as well as several athletic awards including the honor athletes, Army athletes, AAA Award, Athena Award, Marine distinguished athlete and 3 by 4 Athlete Award.

Students were also recognized for their academic achievements during their years at Coon Rapids High School.

• Highest honor – students graduating with a cumulative weighted grade-point average of 3.9 and above and have completed at least 10 credits in honors classes with a minimum of two credits in their senior year.

• High honor – students graduating with a cumulative weighted grade-point average between 3.6 and 3.89 as well as completing six credits in honors classes with a minimum of one credit their senior year.

• Honor – students graduating with a cumulative weighted grade-point average between 3.3 and 3.59.

In addition, students were recognized for earning the President’s Award for Educational Excellence.

For that award, students had to not only achieve a cumulative unweighted grade-point average of 3.5 and above, but also earn a reading or math score on the ACT or SAT test which placed them at the 85th percentile nationally.

Special awards were:

• Sons of the American Revolution Bronze Good Citizen Medal for demonstrating scholastic achievement, extracurricular involvement and a commitment to appreciating the value of American citizenship went to Harley Lenart, who is a sergeant in the Coon Rapids Police Explorers program.

• National Merit Letter of Commendation was presented to Michael Groess, Mathew Morehouse and Julia Wittrock for performing at the 95th percentile or above on the PSAT test taken in the October of their junior year.

• Advanced Placement Scholar Award went to Laura Beyer, Amanda Bialon, Laura Nelson and Mary Webber for earning a score of 3 or above on three or more advanced placement exams.

• Advanced Placement Scholar with Honor Award was presented to Julie Wittrock for achieving an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of those exams.

• Julie Wittrock and Mathew Morehouse were honored for attaining a cumulative 4.0 grade-point average throughout high school, including taking higher level courses like honors, Advanced Placement and College in the Schools coursework in math, science, English and social studies.

Athletic awards presented included:

• Honor athletes: Elizabeth Storrick and Alex Wojciechowski.

• Army Reserve National Scholar Athletes: Nicole Christianson and Robert Smith.

• AAA Award: Michelle Harris and Brett Kimble for academics, arts and athletics.

• Athena Award: Brianna Havelka.

• Marine Distinguished Athlete: Mallory Getchell and Jake Montague.

• 3by4 Award to students who went out for three sports in each of their four years of high school: Jonathan Franzen, Michelle Harris, Brianna Havelka, Callie Kowalenko, Tyler Kurkowski, Calvin Mehrhof, Elizabeth Storrick and Shaquille Theus.

College and organization scholarship recipients recognized were:

Kelsey Aasness, Sarah Anderson, Abigail Artmann, Caroline Bednar, Stephanie Besst, Laura Beyer, Lindsay Beyer, Amanda Bialon, Emily Black, Aaron Brening, Emily Brown, Tessa Brusseau, Angela Burt, Shaun Bush, Nicole Christianson, Cortney Davis, Andrea Deerberg, John DeJong, Haley Gazda, Khalif Graham, Michael Groess, Tracy Hall, Daniel Hanson, Kelsey Harms, Kaynen Harris, Kathleen Heikkila, Cody Herrmann, Alexi Johnson, Emma Johnson.

Danielle Kantorowicz, Nicole Kuphal, Abigail LaBrant, Jessica Lancette, Harley Lenart, Robin Livermore, Tanner Lowe, Nicholas Lubansky, Austin Lubinski, Cassandra Maass, Ashley McIntyre, Calvin Mehrhof, Amanda Michalski, Hannah Miller, Lee Miller, Jake Montague, Mathew Morehouse, Laura Nelson, Tyler Niemann, Kelly Olson, Lucas Osowski, Jennifer Ozerkov, Matthew Plessel, Alissa Poehler, Anna Reese, Bryana Renner, Stephany Rhodes, Breyonna Roberge, Adeline Rust.

Amelia Santrach, Bridget Schirmers, Scott Schmitt, Ashley Smith, Richard Sookhun, Emily Spurgeon, Elizabeth Storrick, Stephanie Super, Matthew Swanson, Matthew Tellander, Shaquille Theus, Rhamyell Thompson, Hawi Tilahune, Sarah Traun, Braden Trippel, Tyler Urquhart, Ryan Voelker, Rozalia Voinarovski, Catherine Walesch, Casey Waterman, Lydia Weiler, Dallin Wiberg, Julia Wittrock, Alex Wociechowski, Marissa Wraalstad, Jessica Zabaske and Hannah Zirbes.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]