Golf column: Three ways to lower your score

I am going to share with you three ways to lower your score today by using technology and golf services currently at your disposal.

Chad Knudson, PGA, assistant golf professional, TPC Twin Cities
Chad Knudson, PGA, assistant golf professional, TPC Twin Cities

1. Get your golf clubs custom fit for you by a local PGA professional.

So many amateur golfers just buy golf clubs right off the rack. Do you know if your clubs are too short, too long, too upright, too flat, shafts are too stiff or grips are too small for you? Well you should because you could be fighting a losing battle with your golf swing.

With launch monitor technology being very common now days it is easy to find this service near you.

Also, don’t forget about your golf ball. Too many golfers play with a golf ball that is not the best for them. A great service that travels all around Minnesota and is complimentary is the Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge. Find one in your area and improve your game.

2. Do you currently use a rangefinder or GPS unit? One of these devices should be the 15th club in your bag. They retail close to the same amount as your driver and they can be just as important.

Just like PGA tour pros using a caddie, you can benefit from knowing the exact yardage to the flag stick or to carry a bunker.

When making the decision between rangefinder and GPS you must take a look at the pros and cons.

A laser rangefinder does not use the computer to download courses and does not need an annual subscription like most GPS units.

A rangefinder can be simple to use and you only need to replace the batteries about once a year. These units are for the not-so-tech-savvy golfers.

So on the flip side, the GPS units are for the golfers into iPhones and more tech-savvy golfers.

Many GPS units have an enormous amount of benefits, like a built-in scorecard, color screen, indicate how many yards left to the hole from the dogleg and green slopes, just to name a few.

So when you are going to make your next big golf purchase think about what type of person you are, make the correct purchase and lower your scores.

3. The most important thing you can do to lower your scores is take a short game lesson, and even more specifically, a bunker lesson.

Most golfers are very nervous and intimidated in the bunker. This typically causes a deceleration in your swing speed and inconsistent results. By learning the correct fundamentals, you will see your scores drop quickly. I would visit your local PGA professional and get in a bunker today.

I really hope you accomplish at least one of these three tips this summer to improve your golf game.

Chad Knudson, PGA, is assistant golf professional at the TPC Twin Cities.