Blaine EDA approves $12,000 apartment renovation


The Blaine Economic Development Authority (EDA) has authorized a $12,000 reserve expenditure to renovate a Blaine Courts senior apartment unit.

City Finance Director Joe Huss presented the staff funding request to commissioners at a June 7 meeting.

The apartment being vacated was occupied by a 20-year resident who was a heavy smoker, Huss said.

The cost to prepare such a unit for a new resident varies upon how old the unit is and the last time it was turned over, Huss said.

“Typically, an apartment renovation would cost considerably less than this, but this is the last of the original units where any smoking was allowed,” Huss said.

Huss told commissioners that the apartment renovation expense was not anticipated last fall when the budget was adopted for the Blaine Courts units.

“We do have reserves set aside for those types of projects,” he said. “Usually, it’s for mechanical, but in this case, we are asking for reserves for renovation.”

Renovating the unit while it is unoccupied would be the best course of action, Huss said.

Work would include sealing and painting all the walls, carpet pad and carpet replacement, new vinyl flooring, replacement of kitchen cabinets, counter tops and bathroom vanity.

A new resident will move in after the renovation work is completed, Huss said.

Tim Hennagir is at [email protected]