Union Looking Back for June 22, 2012

Trade excursion to visit Anoka

The trade excursion under the direction of the extension committee of the Minneapolis Civic and Commerce Association to northern Minnesota and Winnipeg, left Minneapolis last Sunday, in a special train over the Northern Pacific. The train is one of the finest ever sent out in this country. They visit many points in Minnesota and Canada and on their return stop at Anoka. They are scheduled to reach this city at 3:40 Saturday afternoon, and run down the Lincoln mill track.

– 100 years ago, June 19, 1912


Greenhaven to open July 15th

Dan Caldwell, president of the Anoka Golf club, and appointed by the city commission to purchase equipment for the Greenhaven golf course which will be opened to the public on July 15, met with a committee representing the Golf club at the Main Motor Sales office Monday evening to discuss equipment needed at the course.

Flags, cups, poles, ball washers, markers, balls, tees, towels, soap, benches and other articles were listed for purchase.

– 75 years ago, June 16, 1937


Potter’s Field move uncovers old mysteries

They dug up Harry Louie the other day and moved him to another part of the cemetery.

Besides Harry Louie, they also moved 28 other inhabitants of Potter’s Field to a different section of Oakwood cemetery.

Harry Louie, like the rest of them, had lain practically unknown, unwanted and peacefully these many years, their all but unmarked graves disturbed only by an occasional golf ball gone astray off some duffer’s slice shot from nearby Greenhaven golf course, or from the tramping feet of some disinterested onlooker.

– 50 years ago, June 15, 1962


Move the fair?

A request for a transfer of land to move the Anoka County fairgrounds from its present site was met with little enthusiasm by Anoka City Council Monday night.

Anoka County Agricultural Society said it is seeking a permanent site to hold its annual county fairs and proposed that the city deed the society 80 to 100 acres on Seventh Avenue by the ice arena north of Anoka High School.

– 25 years ago, June 19, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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