County earns award for child abuse prevention

Twenty-two counties, including Anoka County, and one tribe have received the 10th annual blue ribbon county awards from Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota.

The award is given annually to recognize communities that exemplify a strong commitment to prevent child maltreatment through collaborative efforts of public, private, non-profit and local services and activities.

The award is presented to county boards and community leaders in an effort to encourage continued investment in awareness, maintaining prevention and family strengthening efforts and knowledge of their innovative programs.

The blue ribbon and pinwheel are national symbols of child abuse prevention awareness.

Established in 1979, Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota (PCAMN) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that engages Minnesota’s individuals, organizations and communities in actions that stop child abuse and neglect before occurring in the first place.

A mainstay of its efforts is a network of parent and child support groups (called Circle of Parents®), a service PCAMN has provided to Minnesota families since its inception in 1979.

PCAMN also hosts the 1-800-CHILDREN help line, publishes and distributes positive parenting and abuse prevention materials and produces child abuse and neglect prevention training programs year round.

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