Golf column: would you like to play in a golf event?

I’m guessing that you have been asked this question countless times in your life. Golf events take on many forms and serve many different purposes.

Tim Anderson, director of golf, Bunker Hills Golf Course
Tim Anderson, director of golf, Bunker Hills Golf Course

Understanding what you are getting involved in is a very important part of deciding whether or not to dedicate your time and potentially money to a specific event.

The work scramble

You want to have a good time, but not too good of a time. Similar to any off-site work event, there are potential political pitfalls around every dogleg. Showing that you can relax and have fun with those you work with is important and could benefit your working relationships immensely. Remember that your behavior is far more important than your golf score.

The corporate shotgun

Participating as a client:

“This way to your cart, sir… the driving range is all set for you, ma’am.” Every detail has been planned in anticipation of your arrival to the golf course. Whether their goal is to sell you something new, strengthen your business relationship or reward your loyalty, the aim is your complete satisfaction.

Participating as an employee:

“Pair me with Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum or Miss Scarlet.” Playing golf can provide a perfect opportunity to close a big deal or climb the corporate ladder. Play well at your own risk; sometimes allowing others to shine makes more sense.

The invitational

Your friend, family member or co-worker has invited you to their hallowed ground. As you enjoy the day, keep in mind that the red carpet has been rolled out for you. Play well, make sure you have a legitimate handicap and follow the rules of golf and the club. Regardless of your true assessment, make sure you praise your cohort’s home course as if it were the greatest place on earth.

The cause

It seems as if though every association or organization has a golf event, which to no surprise, I think is fantastic. More often than not these events promote and fund positive community based educational, recreational or social endeavors. If you are not a member of one of these groups, playing in their golf event may be a wonderful way to get involved and potentially join the cause.

There are countless golf events committed to finding a cure or helping someone cope. Whether you know someone who is stricken with a specific illness or have lost someone close to you, these are events that bring together folks passionate about a specific cause or person in their lives. Regardless of venue, price or prizes, you gladly open up your heart and wallet in the hopes that you can make a difference.

For information on golf event pricing and availability at Bunker Hills Golf Club, you can visit, or call the Bunker Hills golf shop at 763-755-4141.

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Tim Anderson is Director of Golf at Bunker Hills Golf Course in Coon Rapids.