Updates to graduation requirements

Changes are planned for Anoka-Hennepin School District 11’s graduation requirements.

Science and math standards have been changed to meet state standards, according to Ellen Delaney, director of secondary curriculum, instruction and assessment.

The new requirements will apply to students graduating in 2014 or after.

Algebra II will be added as a requirement for high school graduation. Current graduates are recommended to take algebra II, but it is not a requirement.

The state also now requires a chemistry, physics or career technical education class in addition to biology.

According to Delaney, chemistry will be taught before biology because the biology class now has a microbiology focus and chemistry provides a good preparation for that.

In all, 2014 and beyond graduates will need four credits in English and social studies; three credits in math, including algebra II and statistics; three credits in science, including chemistry and biology; a half credit in health; a credit in physical education and arts; and a total of 10.5 elective credits.

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  • ALoman

    Anoka-Hennepin can’t ignore the state standards.

    It is unfortunate that the state is requiring classes that are between nearly and certainly impossible for a large number of students to pass. As as society, we need to make sure that every child reaches his or her potential, which depends a lot on talent, interests and the family and home situation. It is a mistake to think that every child is the same blank slate and that a school’s job is to attempt to make sure that every one grows up to be an engineer or mathematician.