Three Coon Rapids businesses found in violation of the tobacco law

Three Coon Rapids businesses were found in violation of the city’s tobacco license regulations during a Coon Rapids Police Department compliance check June 8.

Two officers along with two 17-year-old girls took part in the compliance check of 54 businesses that hold tobacco licenses from the city.

Two of the businesses were found to be closed.

Employees at three of the tobacco license holders sold a pack of cigarettes to one of the 17-year-old girls without asking for identification, according to the police report.

The businesses were Jenson Foods, 550 Northdale Blvd.; Angels Food Mart, 11449 Hanson Blvd.; and Fast Trip Market, 12095 Hanson Blvd.

According to the tobacco license ordinance, each business will be fined $250, while the employees who made the sale will have to pay a $75 administrative fee.

Neither Angels Food Mart nor Fast Trip Market have been found in violation of the city’s tobacco code before, said Deputy City Clerk Kris Linquist.

Jenson’s has had prior violations during compliance checks in 2001 and 2008, but not within 24-month threshold that would have triggered a $500 fine, she said.

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