Dist. 15 systems going offline

For the next week, it could be hard to get a hold of anyone in the St. Francis School District 15.

The office of school technology will begin upgrading the district’s network systems starting Saturday, June 30 and it will require several computer systems, including e-mail, voice mail and phones, to be taken off-line.

The upgrade will include consolidating two data centers, which requires the entire network to be off-line for at least five days, said Kathleen Miller, communication manager.

Most of the work, including moving all the servers to St. Francis High School, is expected to be completed by July 2, she said.

Moving the equipment to one site will make it more efficient to power and cool it, Miller said.

While most of the system will be working on Monday, it may take until July 9 to get everything back online.

District staff will be notified as the system work is completed, Miller said.

If someone is trying to call into the district during this time, the call will continue to ring without a connection and there may be e-mail delivery issues, Miller said.

The district website will remain online.

Once the project is complete, the network will be faster and more reliable, Miller said.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]