Monticello Man pleads guilty to fleeing Ramsey police, violating order

A 25-year-old Monticello man, who pleaded guilty to a felony fleeing police officer charge for an incident in Ramsey, has had a prison sentence stayed.

At sentencing May 31, Travis Robert Taylor was placed on probation for three years after a 13-month prison term was stayed.

He also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor for violating a March 29 restraining order.

According to the complaint, the woman with whom Taylor was not to have contact called the police around 10 a.m. April 12 to report he was at her residence armed with a gun.

Taylor had left the scene before police arrived, but had reportedly been given a ride to the Sunfish Express strip mall on Highway 10.

Taylor hid in Forever Floral, which is located in the strip mall.

The woman in the back of the store did not come to the door when motioned by the officer, but did so a short time later and said “he just ran out the back.”

According to the complaint, officers saw Taylor in the passenger seat of a tan minivan with elderly male driver.

Fearing Taylor was going for a gun, officers drew their weapons and ordered Taylor get out of the van and show his hands.

Taylor did not comply and the van quickly accelerated out of the parking spot behind the florist shop and attempted to leave but was blocked by Anoka County Sheriff’s deputy squad car. The van stopped before hitting the squad.

Officers approached the van, ordered Taylor from the van and arrested him when he complied.

According to the van’s driver, Taylor had got into his van and asked for a ride.

The driver had agreed to give him a ride and was starting to leave the parking spot when he saw the officers.

According to the man, Taylor pushed down on his leg and foot to depress the gas pedal, forcing the van to move.

In a post-Miranda statement, Taylor said the woman had invited him over to her residence to pick up some of his belongings.

He got angry and yelled at her when he saw the condition of his property and then left.

Taylor denied intentionally pushing the van driver’s leg, rather “he accidentally bumped his leg.”

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