‘Unbelievable’ golf tourney benefits Oral Cancer Foundation

Friends and family of Jim Foran, as well as local community members, will come together Wednesday, July 11 to bring awareness to a disease which has long needed a voice: oral cancer.

The second annual Jim Foran “Unbelievable” Memorial Golf Tournament, held in honor of a local man who lost his life to the disease two years ago, will raise money for the Oral Cancer Foundation, to help increase awareness and conduct life-saving research.

Foran was an avid golfer who played at Bunker Hills Golf Course every Thursday for 18 years and friends remember his habit of saying, “unbelievable!” when something struck him as unique or outstanding.

In addition to the tournament, this event features a box lunch, a free massage for all golfers, a silent auction and an awards ceremony followed by dinner at the new Harvest Grill in the clubhouse.

Community members are encouraged to register for the event. Registration per person is $145 for participation in the tournament and dinner. Those looking to attend only the dinner will be asked to pay $40.

The tournament begins at noon July 11. A silent auction at the dinner will feature a tour of the 45 Parallel Vodka distillery in St. Croix, restaurant gift certificates and several pieces of Fenton art.

To pre-register for the tournament event, visit the events page at www.oralcancer.org, e-mail Joan Foran at [email protected] or call 612-388-5163.

Jim Foran

Foran was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2008 and died June 26, 2010 after a two-year battle with the disease.

An architect, Foran worked for 30 years at Stageberg, Beyers and Sachs and ended his career at Perkins and Will Architects, where he became LEED certified.

Throughout his career, Foran worked on many local projects, including educational and recreational facilities at the University of Minnesota, several Minneapolis skyway bridges and the Great River Energy building.

Foran’s wife, Joan, is raising money for this important cause and highlighting the sport that her husband loved as she organizes the July 11 golf event in Foran’s memory.

Oral Cancer Foundation

Approximately 40,000 people in the United States will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer in 2012, which includes mouth cancer, tongue cancer and throat cancer. When found early, there is an 80 to 90 percent survival rate. However, due to a lack of public awareness, the majority of cases are found as late-stage cancers that can be killers.

The Oral Cancer Foundation is a non-profit national public service entity, designed to reduce suffering and save lives through prevention, education, research, advocacy and support activities.

Visit www.oralcancer.org to learn more about risk factors, signs and symptoms, treatments, current research and current oral cancer related news, among other important information.

A free patient/survivor discussion forum is also open to the public, where those currently fighting oral cancer can gain insights and inspiration from those who have been there before them.

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