Spring Lake Park burglary attempt involves cattle prod as weapon

A man has been caught in the act of stealing property from a Spring Lake Park residence.

Steven Wayne Ficken, 36, Isanti, is due back in Anoka County District Court July 18 on felony first-degree burglary and terroristic threats charges.

At arraignment June 20, the court set bail for Ficken at $100,000 and issued a no contact order.

The early morning hours of June 18, a man who sleeps in the garage of his mother’s home on the 8000 block of 5th Street N.E. was awakened by a light shining in the kitchen of the residence.

According to the complaint, when the son went to check on his mother, who was sleeping in the house, he found a man in the kitchen he recognized as Ficken because he had played poker with him several times.

The son attempted to apprehend Ficken, who started to flee, but as they struggled Ficken allegedly produced a cattle prod and threatened to tase him with it.

However, as Ficken attempted to leave in a vehicle, arriving Spring Lake Park Police officers stopped and arrested him.

The complaint alleges that inside the vehicle on a seat was a cattle prod and police also recovered a bag of jewelry, that the woman identified as hers, that had been thrown from the vehicle.

Inside the home, officers discovered a number of items of property that had been bagged and stacked as if they were to be taken, according to the complaint.

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