Union Looking Back for July 6, 2012

Water waste

The water and light commission started a little investigation last week when in three hours after midnight on a hot night, 30 feet of water was used from the standpipe. The result was that an order has gone forth prohibiting flat rate water users to water their lawns only at certain hours. Instances were found where hose was run from adjoining yards. Many places were found where the water was left on all night, and in only one instance was the user running the water through a meter.

– 100 years ago, July 3, 1912


186 are receiving swimming instructions

A total of 186 boys and girls have registered with swimming instructor L. B. Mason at the Anoka municipal beach for lessons during the next few weeks. A list of those registering early last week has been published and additional registrations follow.

Users of the beach are cautioned about swimming in the channel where the water is, at present, quite swift. It is almost impossible to give assistance to anyone in distress in the channel and the swimmers should take warning.

– 75 years ago, June 30, 1937


Street widening project starts in downtown Anoka

Considerable street improvement construction is underway in downtown Anoka, to bring certain portions of the city’s arterial and business access street system up to specifications established for the state aid system. These street improvements are necessary to qualify for the city’s allotment of state road user funds, which amount to about $35,000 annually. The specifications were set by constitutional amendment, with the community designating certain streets as arterial or business access streets and bringing them up to qualifications, including a minimum width of 44 feet, high traffic count and high grade surfacing.

– 50 years ago, June 29, 1962


31 trumpeter swans killed by mink at Carlos Avery Wildlife Area

Twelve cygnet trumpeter swans were spared the fatal agony experienced by their 31 siblings, who were killed by sneaky mink that apparently snuck in through a drain pipe into the building at Carlos Avery Wildlife Area that housed the newborn swans.

The 31 cygnet trumpeter swans that were found dead last Sunday morning ranted in age from a few to 10 days old.

– 25 years ago, July 3, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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