Andover man charged for assaulting girlfriend at park

A 37-year-old Andover male has been accused of assaulting his girlfriend while they were at Prairie Knoll Park in Andover.

Jamie William Hendrickson, 95 146th Lane N.W., was arraigned June 25 in Anoka County District Court on a felony charge of third-degree assault.

According to the criminal complaint, police during the early morning hours of June 24 received a call from a concerned citizen regarding a potential fight at Prairie Knoll Park.

On arrival, deputies went to a Biffy (portable toilet) and found Hendrickson and a female inside.

Hendrickson allegedly had blood on his clothing and himself and the female was on the floor and had “obvious facial injuries and blood coming from her nose.”

The complaint alleges that concerned citizen had heard a male yelling, “I’m going to kill you” and “Are you going to back down?” as well as screaming, crying and what sounded like punches.

The woman initially told police that she sustained her injuries from a bike fall, but a few moments later alleged that Hendrickson had assaulted her. She alleged that Hendrickson struck her multiple times in the face with his fists and elbow while they were at the park.

According to the complaint, Hendrickson told authorities that they were drinking and biking around town, and he got upset when they talked about past relationships.

The woman was transported to Mercy Hospital and diagnosed with a nasal fracture and possibly an orbital bone fracture, according to the complaint.

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