Father, son both charged with felonies in Coon Rapids incident

An incident in the parking lot at the McDonald’s restaurant on Foley Boulevard, Coon Rapids, the early morning of July 5 has resulted in felony charges being filed against a Coon Rapids father and son.

Shaun Whitney McDole, 49, and Joseph Cody McDole, 20, both of 10680 Tamarack St. N.W., were arraigned in Anoka County District Court July 6 on second-degree assault and terroristic threats charges.

Coon Rapids Police responded to the McDonald’s, 11364 Foley Blvd., shortly after 1:30 a.m. on a report that people with bats and knives were chasing others in the parking lot.

According to the complaint, the McDoles were involved in an altercation with several other males, two of whom were still at the scene, one age 15 and the other 17.

The 15-year-old alleged that a vehicle pulled up in the parking lot and a male, later identified as Shaun McDole, jumped out holding something in his hand and confronted him and his friends about whether they had been involved in an assault earlier at Sand Creek Park.

The boy alleged Shaun McDole was very aggressive, threatening to beat everyone up and chasing them around the parking lot, holding what he thought was a crowbar in his hand, swinging it at him and threatening to blow his head off.

Although he was never struck by the weapon, the boy alleged he felt threatened and afraid of being assaulted.

The other male, identified as Joseph McDole, pulled a knife and was swinging it at the 15-year-old, did not make physical contact, but the boy was in fear of being assaulted, according to the complaint.

The 17-year-old boy alleged that he was in the parking lot when some five men pulled up in a vehicle and confronted them about an assault that had occurred at Sand Creek Park.

One of the males, identified as Shaun McDole, allegedly had a pipe or some sort of bar in his hand and was threatening everybody with it, while the other male, Joseph McDole, had a knife.

Two males that accompanied the McDoles to the parking lot alleged that a friend had been assaulted during the fireworks at Sand Creek Park and they were driving around looking for those responsible when they saw the group in the McDonald’s parking lot and confronted them to see if they were involved in the assault.

They alleged that Shaun McDole brought some sort of pipe and started yelling at the group and when the group started running, they stayed in the vehicle and did not see a lot of the incident.

They alleged they did not see Joseph McDole with a knife, but knew that he frequently carried one.

In a post-Miranda statement, Joseph McDole alleged that a friend had been assaulted earlier and he, his father and two other friends, were driving around looking for those involved.

He alleged that when his father, Shaun, confronted the group in the McDonald’s parking lot, he had some sort of pipe, was very upset and was threatening to use the pipe on them.

Joseph McDole alleged he twice pulled out his knife, held it up in a threatening manner over his head, telling people to back off in defense of his father.

In a post-Miranda statement, Shaun McDole alleged that he was at McDonald’s to get something to eat when a group of males came at him, so he grabbed a cheater bar and also had a knife in his hand as he was arguing with the individuals, admitting to being very upset and threatening to use the cheater pipe.

According to the complaint, two knives were later recovered from the glove box of the McDole vehicle following issuance of a search warrant.

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