Ramsey hires consultant as temporary engineer

With the June 29 departure of City Engineer Tim Himmer, the Ramsey City Council has hired a temporary replacement.

The council June 26 unanimously approved hiring the consulting firm of Hakanson Anderson, which will cost the city about $8,600 a month.

Hakanson Anderson will provide 40-hours of coverage at city hall during the work week as well as attend the city council and planning commission meetings and provide daily oversight of the engineering department as well as respond to citizen questions and developer requests.

In addition, the consultant will also work with staff to prepare plans, but the city will not be charged extra for any specialty work, Himmer said.

While Hakanson Anderson was slightly more expensive with its monthly stipend than Bolton & Menk and WSB and Associates, which also bid on the position, “it was also covering all regular duties for the city under this stipend, whereas some of the other proposals called for direct billable time on development review projects,” Himmer said.

It was also felt the firm’s knowledge of the city and regular interaction with city staff would provide the smoothest transition, he said.

If any additional services are needed beyond the scope of the contract, Hakanson Anderson will provide the city with an updated scope and costs for authorization.

Hakanson Anderson is one of three engineering firms the city already uses.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]

  • Roger

    Would the last employee out of city hall turn out the lights!