Board approves improvement projects for county buildings

The Anoka County Board has given the green light to three projects to make improvements to county facilities.

The board action came on recommendations from its Finance and Capital Improvements Committee.

The projects are:

• Remodeling a suite at the Anoka County Human Service Center in Blaine for the Anoka County Job Training Center to expand.

• Five-year restoration and maintenance plan for the Anoka County Government Center/Courthouse parking ramp.

• Professional services for replacement of three roofs – government center, center courthouse and workhouse.

For the Anoka County Human Service Center, the board approved a contract with RAK Construction, Ham Lake, in the amount of $19,996 to remodel a vacant suite to provide additional classroom space for the job training center.

According to Jerry Vitzthum, job training center director, more classroom space is needed to accommodate the high demand for classroom training due to new unemployment criteria put in place by the federal government.

This space will also be used by special accelerated GED and job search activities for Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) participants, Vitzthum wrote in a memo to the Finance and Capital Improvements Committee.

The job training center will lease the space and the cost of the remodeling will be paid for from grant dollars provided to the job training center, he said.

The contract approved by the board with A&M Construction, Oak Grove, for a five-year restoration and maintenance plan for the county parking ramp stems from a September 2011 condition assessment.

According to Andrew Dykstra, county director of facilities management and construction, the overall condition of the parking ramp was found to be average, but showing some signs of deterioration.

“Deterioration appears in the form of cracks and spalls of double tees, beams and columns due to water seepages,” Dykstra wrote in a report to the Finance and Capital Improvements Committee.

Dykstra recommended that joint sealant, drain and concrete repairs be made over a five-year period starting in 2012 at a cost of some $25,000 per year.

“It is our opinion that years one to three be dedicated to water infiltration and years three to five to drain and concrete repairs,” he wrote.

“Any items that are repaired will continue to deteriorate if the water seepage is not stopped.”

The contract with A&W Construction at a cost of $29,925 is for year one of the plan with an option to renew for four years based on unit prices provided by the contractor.

Funding for the project is coming from the facilities management and construction operating budget, according to Dykstra.

“This is a five-year plan to address the parking ramp needs,” said County Commissioner Matt Look, chairman of the Finance and Capital Improvements Committee.

A contract with Inspec, Minneapolis, was approved by the board in an amount not to exceed $47,000, to provide professional services from design to construction management to replace roofs at the Anoka County Government Center, Anoka County Center Courthouse and the Anoka County Workhouse.

The government center roof was installed in 1992, the center courthouse in 1997 and the workhouse in 1998.

They are all in need of replacement due to age and condition, according to Dykstra.

The replacement roofs will all be a four-ply built up pitch and gravel system, covering 25,700 square feet at the government center, 20,000 square feet at the center courthouse and 10,000 square feet at the workhouse, Dykstra stated in his report to the Finance and Capital Improvements Committee.

With the new roofs, new tapered insulation will be installed, the scuppers replaced and a maintenance walkway added to protect the new roof system, he wrote.

There is $859,580 allocated in the county building fund for this project – $397,580 for the government center, $312,000 for the center courthouse and $150,000 for the workhouse.

According to Look, the present rubber roofs are failing and leaking.

Rubber roofs are failing all over the country, not just in Anoka County, said County Commissioner Dan Erhart.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]