Ramsey changes charter

It will take a lot more effort for neighborhoods to petition to have their Ramsey roads done.

At its June 26 meeting, the Ramsey City Council unanimously approved a city charter amendment that requires 50 percent or more of the affected property owners to petition for public improvements to the road.

Under the previous charter provision, only a petition of 35 percent or more affected property owners had been required before the city would consider doing the requested improvement, said City Attorney Bill Goodrich.

Because the road improvement process is relatively expensive, increasing the required number will reduced the chances of a counter petition against the project, he said.

The old provision also allowed residents to petition against the project and they only needed 35 percent to stop the project.

Under the new charter amendment, at least 50 percent of the affected property owners would need to sign the petition opposing the project before the city would consider stopping it.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]