Schurbon appointed to advisory committee

Anoka Conservation District (ACD) Water Resources Specialist Jamie Schurbon has been appointed by Gov. Mark Dayton to the Metro Area Water Supply Advisory Committee.

According to Chris Lord, ACD district manager, Schurbon’s qualifications, along with his dedication, make him an excellent appointee for this committee.

A large part of the committee’s role is to assist the Metropolitan Council in planning water supply needs of the metro, primarily through its master water supply plan, Lord said.

Lowering of regional water tables and long-term depletion of aquifers is an issue of growing concern, he said.

The Metropolitan Council’s master water supply plan is the result of 2005 legislation that charged the Metropolitan Council with guiding sustainable water use in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

The plan lays out an adaptive approach to water supply management, guiding long-term water supply planning at the local and regional levels, according to Lord.

The plan includes a dynamic process for the collection of new information, update of analytical tools and improvement of guidance to address anticipated water resource issues and ensure supplies are developed sustainably, Lord stated in a press release.

Schurbon has served as the water resource specialist at the Anoka Conservation District since 2001.

In recent years, he provided the local leadership for the Anoka County geologic atlas project, which maps underground geology and water resources.

He advises on water resources management with Anoka County’s five watershed organizations and many of the 21 cities.

Schurbon operates approximately 60 surface and groundwater hydrology monitoring sites annually, and analyzes hydrological trends.