Letters to the editor for July 20, 2012

Time for a change

To the Editor:

Nasty and mean. That’s what I thought after reading letters to the editor in the June 22 Anoka County Union.

Coon Rapids Council member Scott Schulte dared to run against Commissioner Dan Erhart, who has occupied a seat on the Anoka County Board for 30 years.

Then, two letters to the editor falsely accused Mr. Schulte of being a campaign sign law breaker. But Mr. Schulte broke no laws. Four days earlier, a June 18 StarTribune article made clear that Mr. Schulte had the legal right of way.

Erhart’s brand of “old-boy” politics, using surrogates and innuendo to trump up unfounded negativity about opponents, is well known.

In my opinion, Mrs. Gloria Lawrence’s letter titled “Ordinance violations” was simply false and a nasty campaign tactic.

Wrongly bashing Mr. Schulte, she wrote, “My husband, Ron, has been putting up political signs in the Anoka County area for well over 30 years.”

Readers should know how very close the Lawrences are to Erhart. Mrs. Lawrence failed to tell you that her husband, Ron Lawrence, is well known for being Dan Erhart’s longtime campaign sign “guy.”

Erhart’s campaign finance disclosures from his last election in 2008 reveal that he paid $1,327.95 to “Ron Lawrence – Mileage for campaign signs.”

Moreover, Ron Lawrence is listed as the treasurer for the Letter Carriers Union PAC, and he is equally well known for delivering big union checks to Erhart’s chosen candidates.

In just the past two years Erhart’s Volunteer Committee or the Letter Carriers PAC opened their war chests to their candidates including, among others, Tony Palumbo, Natalie Steffen and Carol LeDoux.

This year, however, Scott Schulte in District 7 and Scott Bromley in District 5 offer a positive departure from the negative politics of the past, which need to be retired.

Their districts cover Coon Rapids, eastern Anoka, western and southern Andover and the northern tip of Fridley.

If you share my higher expectations for tomorrow’s Anoka County commissioners in these areas, reach out to them and insist on a better future for our county.

It’s time for a change – new leadership and fresh ideas in Districts 7 and 5.

Brad Johnson
Coon Rapids


Poppy fund for veterans

To the Editor:

A belated thank you goes to the businesses that showed their support by donating to the  Coon Rapids American Legion Auxiliary veterans poppy fund during the campaign that was held in May.

Because of your generosity and support, the auxiliary is able to provide funding to the various veterans programs sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary in our community, state and nation.

These businesses that generously support our programs are:

All Season’s Garage Door Company, American Family Insurance-Kathleen Pohls agent, Central Bank, Carpet Outlet, Coon Rapids Chiropractic, Earl Rasmussen Accounting, ECM Publishers, Gemini Goodyear, Hi-Ten Service Center, Highway 10 Mobil Car Care Center, LeRoy’s Auto Accessories, Neil’s Auto Body, North Suburban Agencies. Paul’s Barber Shop-Blaine. Precision Tune, State Farm Insurance-RJ. Bergstrom agent. Dr. Tom Miller-chiropractor, Shortstop Bar & Grill, The Place To Be Restaurant-Isanti, Ultra Tech and Willey’s Bar & Grill.

We apologize if we missed naming your business that gave a donation, you are all important to the veterans and to us.

We would also like to give a big thanks to the businesses that let us solicit donations in front of their stores on May 18 and 19: Cub Foods – Riverdale, Coon Rapids, Lowe’s – Coon Rapids  and Rainbow Foods – Coon Rapids.

We also would like to thank all the auxiliary, post and SAL members who went out and stood or sat getting donations for those countless hours.

Diane Bohlman
Coon Rapids American Legion Auxiliary


Relay for Life special event

To the Editor:

Thank you for your June 29 coverage of the Anoka Area Relay for Life event held June 22-23. This has been a special event for several years with many community service clubs helping make it such a fine fund-raiser for a wonderful cause.

I would like to thank the community service clubs I am aware of, for taking part in this event. First, the American Legion provided the color guard at the opening ceremony.

For many years the Anoka Area Kiwanis Club members have donated monies toward this relay and they have prepared the luninaria bags and placed them in the circle for the walkers to view. A scoop of sand is poured in each white bag and a white candle is placed in the sand. The bags are placed on a flat bed and delivered to the designated area for the roundabout relay. At the designated time these candles are lighted for the all-night vigil.

The Nowthen Lions Club sponsored the survivors’ reception and served ham and buns, lemonade, coffee, pasta salad and cake.

During the event the Anoka Women of Today chapter sponsored its annual silent auction to raise monies for the American Cancer Society and they had many nice items for the lucky bidders.

When the event is over early the next morning, the Coon Rapids Rotary Club members gather up the spent luminaria and clean up after the event. Members of this Rotary club have also donated monies toward the event.

It is certain, many hands make fund-raising activities successful. I may have left out other community service clubs who helped set up this event. If so, let the public know of your club’s involvement.

All in all, thanks to the many loyal community service club members for making this such a meaningful event.

Shirley J. Christenson
Past President of Anoka Area Kiwanis


Safety camp in Ramsey

To the Editor:

Ramsey recently held its 11th annual two-day kids’ safety camp for 130 local kids entering third and fourth grades in the fall. Safety camp focuses on teaching children through a variety of activities, how to be more safe in their daily lives.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of unintentional injuries to children and at the same time build positive relationships between the children and police and correction officers, fire fighters, EMS personnel and junior counselors/mentors, who are their camp counselors.

I’d like to thank all of our camp counselors and volunteers for giving their time. We couldn’t do it without them.

Our camp is run solely on donations from local residents, businesses and registration fees. This money is used to pay for presenters, purchase supplies, provide lunches, snacks and beverages, t-shirts, water bottles and new bike helmets for each child.

Additionally, we offer scholarships to families who otherwise could not afford to attend camp.

With every year, we experience a wonderful thing. A community that believes in enriching children’s lives with beneficial learning experiences, and families that cannot thank us enough for what their children have learned in such a short time frame.

We continually receive requests from parents to offer the program to more ages and for longer periods of time. Their kids cannot stop talking about their camping experience. This is the best measurement of our camp’s success.

It’s no wonder safety camp is the highlight of our summer as well.

Camp wouldn’t be a reality without the support from these organizations.

Platinum: Do All Printing.com, ICE – Installing Coolers Etc., Inc., Mercy Hospital/Allina, Ramsey Lions.

Gold: Altron, Inc., Anderson Dahlen, Inc., Kemps. Silver: Burger King, Champlin Towing, Coborn’s, Dahlheimer Distributing, Green Valley Greenhouse, Hennepin Regional Poison Center, Jimmy Johns, Mama DeLuca’s Pizza, NAU Country Insurance Co., Northern’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, Northwoods Bar & Grill, Panther Precision Machine, Inc., Soderholm & Associates, Inc., Zero Zone Refrigeration. Bronze: Armstrong Ranch Kennels/Game Fair, Frito Lay, Twin City Auto Source, LLC.

You’ve helped make a difference in these children’s lives and we thank you for that.


Chandra Kreyer
Ramsey Police Department


Decades behind

To the Editor:

The last letter I wrote got a response indicating that I may be a communist.

It seems, like Mitt Romney, that there are others who are decades behind.

The communism of the Evil Empire, as the Russian Federation was called by President Reagan, is not our biggest problem anymore.

President Reagan decided to destroy the economy of that rival by conducting an arms race that the Russians, although they tried, they could not keep up and their economy failed and the “evil empire” collapsed.

His success, however, was nearly Pyrrhic and set our nation on the course of high national debt that we are still inflicted with.

I recognize his success, but I also recognize the cost involved.

The only way to reduce the national debt is to have a national budget surplus.

The very policy that made our communist rival less consequential also created one of the great problem we now face.

Mel Aanerud
Ham Lake

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