New charge in Andover restaurant June assault incident

A 47-year-old Andover man accused of assaulting another man at an Andover restaurant in June is now facing a felony first-degree assault charge from the Anoka County Attorney’s Office.

David Richard Clifford
David Richard Clifford

David Richard Clifford, an executive officer of the Minneapolis Police Department SWAT unit, was initially charged with felony third-degree assault after he was accused of punching a man in the face at the Tanner’s Station restaurant in Andover the evening of June 16. The punch allegedly caused the victim to fall backwards and hit his head on the ground.

The victim was taken to Mercy Hospital by ambulance and underwent emergency surgery because his brain was swelling, according to the complaint.

Since June 16, the victim has undergone two separate surgeries on his head to address bleeding on his brain, according to the county attorney’s office. The severity of his injuries is why the felony assault charge was elevated from third-degree to first-degree on July 17.

Clifford’s next court appearance was scheduled for July 19.

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