Anoka approves extra spending on Main St.

Anoka will spend an additional $171,000 on the reconstruction of East Main Street.

The city council approved the first change order on the project, which is nearly halfway to completion.

According to Public Services Director Greg Lee, with a project of this size it is common that things might come up during construction and require adjustments to the scope of the project.

This first change order represents about 3 percent of base contract amount.

“The main item on this change order is the decorative fence on the north side of East Main in between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue,” said Lee.

The cost of this six-foot high fence is $115,515. It had been included as a bid alternate when the council awarded the $5.3 million East Main reconstruction project to Northwest Asphalt back in April.

But concerns over right of way bumped the project from the bid award.

“Staff at that time was recommending not to award this part of the project because the fence would end up being on private property, it would be within St. Stephen’s Church property,” said Lee.

According to Lee, the ownership issue has been resolved with the church agreeing to dedicate to the city the land south of the existing fence, which would mean the new fence would be built on city property.

St. Stephen’s has also agreed to construct the retaining wall planter beds at either end of the fence that were part of the proposed improvements.

The original bid had been $135,000.

“The major savings comes from a $30,000 deduction from the work St. Stephen’s is willing to do,” said Lee.

However, the cost of the fence has increased by $10,000 because the city is opting for a six-foot-high model, rather than just five feet.

Other add-ons to the East Main project include $34,627 to modify the fountain in the city hall parking lot to incorporate a tree stand for the Christmas tree display. This also includes a 200 amp electrical service being installed as opposed to a 50 amp circuit originally designed.

An extra $16,750 in repairs were needed for the Rum River bridge to fix surface that was flaking. There are also plans to add a decorative fence at the southeast corner of Second Avenue and Main Street at a cost of $4,222.

Mandy Moran Froemming is at [email protected]