Study shows existing river crossings enough in northern Anoka County

The Oak Grove City Council has accepted and adopted the Northern Anoka County River Crossing Study.

The study was prepared by Bolton and Menk, Inc. in conjunction with Anoka County and included an area focused on Nowthen, Oak Grove and St. Francis.

Specifically, the study area included CSAH 22 on the southern edge to the northern border of the county.

The goal of the study was to determine the need, if any, for an addition river crossing in northern Anoka County or if the two existing Rum River crossings at CSAH 22 in Oak Grove and CSAH 24 in St. Francis are capable of handling traffic forecast through 2030.

The study’s findings found that improvements to existing river crossings demonstrate an ability to handle future traffic volumes.

The Oak Grove Planning Commission held a public hearing on the study’s results at its June 21 meeting at which no one spoke.

During the meeting, Gina Mitchell, study project manager for Bolton and Menk, Inc., told commissioners that the capacity thresholds indicate that more traffic is expected with morning and evening traffic volumes in the future, however improvements could be made at existing river crossings to handle these future volumes.

As part of accepting and adopting the study and its results, the council will include the findings in its next comprehensive plan update and will continue to work with Nowthen, St. Francis and Anoka County to implement the recommendations of the study as funding and needs allow.

Kelly Johnson is at [email protected]