Anna Lynn Merritt

On May 29, 2012, at 7:57pm, Sean and Kelly Merritt welcomed into the world their precious baby girl, Anna Lynn Merritt.

Anna graced our lives with her presence. She experienced nothing but comfort, love and peace and was cherished in the arms of her mommy, daddy, big sister Lauryn, grandma and grandpa.

Anna Lynn was named after her grandma, Lynn Ann Kraus. She weighed 2 pounds, 10 ounces, was 16 inches long and had blonde hair, blue eyes and the prettiest little lips.

At approximately 9:28pm she slipped peacefully into the arms of her heavenly Father.

On January 31st, she was diagnosed during her 19 week ultrasound with fetal anomalies that specialists believed would be life threatening.

After learning about Anna’s condition and prognosis we were devastated. Because we love our baby girl, we wanted to dignify and honor her life in every way that we could. We spent the next 18 weeks getting to know her, learning about her and doing many special things just for her. We looked forward to seeing her during ultrasounds, hearing her heart beat and feeling her move.

We feel immeasurably grateful for Anna and the time that we did have with her. Her three and a half year old big sister, Lauryn, talks about her all of the time. We can’t describe how much we miss her and will continue to miss her, but at least we know that she will never be forgotten by those who knew of her and love her. Our family will never be complete without her.

We want to thank our parents Lynn and Terry Kraus, Grandpa Chuck Grider, sister Karyn Essen, niece and nephews MaryKate, Matthew, Michael Essen, Uncle Ted Grider, Great Uncle Gary, our many friends and colleagues who helped, loved, supported and consoled us during this time in our lives; not only during the 37 weeks that we had Anna, but also during these last eight weeks we’ve spent grieving and missing her. Thank you for continuing to be there for us in the days, months and years ahead as we continue to endure the tragedy of losing our baby.

Kelly and Sean Merritt

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