Life Looking Back for July 27, 2012

Blaine council delays action on garbage collection costs

The report of a deficit in the garbage collection fund and some talk of increased municipal garbage rates led to comments from Blaine Council members and their audience at last week’s city council meeting.

“The deficit seems ridiculous to me – we are picking up at every house in the city, rather than the staggered pick-ups of the private haulers and I can’t see why it can’t be picked up as cheap or cheaper than the privates,” said Councilman Don Knoll.

– 40 years ago, July 14, 1972


Board vetoes school lunch price hike

A rumored fight over who would become this year’s chairman failed to happen as the District 16 School Board opened is 1982-83 term Tuesday night.

Incumbent Chairman Charles Gooder was able to gather enough support to stay on as board chairman, beating a challenge by director Stan Kowalski.

In other action, board members unanimously defeated an administration request for an across the board, 10 cent increase in school lunch prices for fiscal year 1982-83.

– 30 years ago, July 16, 1982


Concerns about health care

If a word could sum up the emotional tenor of a small business and federal health care reform hearing sponsored by Sen. Paul Wellstone, that word might be “exasperation.”

American health care is making people sick.

At the hearing, which took place July 8 in Blaine, Wellstone took testimony from local and regional business leaders and health care experts. In addition, Wellstone received comments from the audience.

– 20 years ago, July 17, 1992


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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