Clauer selected as media teaching specialist

A longtime media specialist in Anoka-Hennepin, including the past 18 years at Jackson Middle School (JMS), Lee Anne Clauer has been selected as the new Media Services Teaching and Learning Specialist (TALS).

Lee Anne Clauer
Lee Anne Clauer

A graduate of Anoka High School, Clauer began her career in education as a special education teacher.

After teaching at Northdale Middle School and Washington, Sorteberg and Madison elementary schools, Clauer returned to St. Cloud State University, where she received her bachelor’s degree and earned a master’s degree in informational media.

“I took a television production class because I was very interested in television,” Clauer said.

“I was interested in audio and video, then computers and library information. One thing led to another and I got a degree in it.”

After switching tracks, Clauer worked at Champlin, Hamilton and Hoover elementary schools before her experience at JMS.

During her time at JMS, Clauer was involved with numerous district committees and pilot projects related to library media centers and instructional technology use.

“I think it’s very interesting to provide students with technology and information tools to help them be successful learners,” Clauer said. “It’s fun to get them excited about learning.”

Clauer chose to apply for her new position because she said it was a wonderful opportunity to take what she had learned at the building level and move it the district level.

In addition to knowing many of the district’s media specialists, Clauer appreciates the technology facilitators she has worked with at JMS and looks forward to providing technology services on a larger scale.

During her time at JMS, Clauer was able to have the school’s media center open before and after school. Not only did students utilize the resources, but teachers, knowing students had access to computers, were able to create technology infused projects.

“A technology-rich school, JMS always invested in hardware and was able to stay ahead of the curve,” Clauer said.

“The media and technology departments worked well together. I am hoping to replicate that at the district level.”

In addition to supporting technology initiatives, Clauer will focus on student learning, provide students with access to quality information, develop partnerships with curriculum and tech facilitators and customize teaching and learning.

Clauer will also support district literacy initiatives.

“Children who use libraries for pleasure reading and seeking information tend to be more successful outside of school,” Clauer said. “It’s important to read to succeed.”

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