Union Looking Back for Aug. 3, 2012

Goodrich appointed on state board

At the regular July meeting of the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy, the resignation of A. C. LeRicheax, of Duluth, was tendered the governor, and the appointment was announced of George H. Goodrich, of Anoka, in his stead. Mr. LeRicheax has been out of the retail trade for about a year, and has been on the road making it difficult at times for him to participate in the work of the board. He has been very faithful in his endeavors to continue his work as a member of the board, but finally decided to resign.

– 100 years ago, July 31, 1912



Bathers at the beaches and all persons, male or female, are notified to keep off the public streets in shorts or immodest costumes. Arrests will be made. This order means what it says.

Mayor Irwin Davis

Chief John Melberg.

– 75 years ago, July 28, 1937


Survey shows Anoka county fastest growing in metro area

Anoka county was the fastest growing county in the metropolitan area during the past two years, according to a Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) research bulletin.

Population here grew 22 per cent from 85,961 in 1960 to an estimated 104,779 in April 1962, the MPC reports.

Dakota county’s population increased 13 per cent and Washington county 12 per cent. Carver’s and Scott’s population grew up eight per cent.

– 50 years ago, July 27, 1962


Public opinion in favor of keeping city liquor stores

The future looks bright for Anoka’s municipal liquor stores after Monday’s public hearing in the Anoka City Council Chambers.

Anoka City Council wanted some direction by city staff and citizens on whether the city should keep its two municipally owned and operated liquor stores located on East River Road and Highway 10 in business.

– 25 years ago, July 31, 1987


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson


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