Life Looking Back for Aug. 3, 2012

Village sues to limit shopping center exits

The village of Spring Lake Park has filed suit in Anoka County District Court to block the use of traffic exits from a Blaine shopping center into a Spring Lake Park residential area.

The suit asks the court that the nearly completed Northtown Shopping Center not be allowed to have entrances or exits on a residential part of 85th St. NE because the city refused to change the location of the exit. Blaine officials contended that residents knew the land across the street was zoned commercial when they moved in and that the land will probably not remain residential because of the proximity of the shopping center.

– 40 years ago, July 21, 1972


SLP council makes donation to new arena

Calling it a bargain for the city, Spring Lake Park City Council members voted Monday to make a city donation to the new ice arena under construction in Blaine.

Under terms of the agreement worked out by council members, the city will give $10,000 to the project this year and guarantee another $10,000 to $13,000 in 1983 for a total potential donation of $23,000.

– 30 years ago, July 23, 1982


A problem with speed

While there is a need for mass transportation in the area, many Spring Lake Park residents living on Monroe Street believe the bus traffic has got out of control.

The problem residents have is with the speed and the damage it is causing. One after another at the Spring Lake Park City Council meeting July 20, residents recited the excess speed they have witnessed and how vibrations from bus traffic were damaging their homes.

– 20 years ago, July 24, 1992


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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