Republican primary has two candidates

Incumbent Tim Sanders and Torey Hall will face off in the Aug. 14 primary election. Both are vying to be the Republican candidate on the ballot for Minnesota House District 37B, which represents a large portion of Blaine.

Sanders was first elected to the legislature in 2008, representing District 51A before redistricting. Hall is a newcomer to state politics.

The winner of the primary will be on the ballot against DFL candidate John Chelbeck.

The candidates were asked to answer a few questions from ABC Newspapers before the primary election. Hall did not respond to the questionnaire.

1. Biography.

Tim Sanders
Tim Sanders

TIM SANDERS: I have had the honor and privilege of serving most of Blaine in the Minnesota House of Representatives these last four years. I recently turned 30 years old and live in Blaine with my beautiful wife Farrah, and our three awesome children Everett, Winston and Audrey. I graduated with a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Minnesota and in addition to serving Blaine in the Minnesota House, I own a small strategic communications and public relations firm.

2. What qualities would you bring to legislative office?

SANDERS: As your state representative, I understand and believe that I am first and foremost a servant to the people living in Blaine and throughout Minnesota. Listening is one of the most important qualities a servant leader needs. I have a long-standing open door policy, meeting with any constituent that would like to meet as well as those individuals and organizations working an issue that they feel is important. I have and will continue to operate in a manner full of integrity and honesty if I am blessed to continue to serve you. I firmly believe in American and Minnesotan exceptionalism. Our best days for our state and our nation are in front of us and we can achieve greater heights.

3. What are the main issues of your campaign?

SANDERS: I have and will continue to work to help businesses grow and create quality jobs in Minnesota. Our state government can do a lot when it comes to creating a climate where businesses want to invest their resources in Minnesota. Continuing to eliminate burdensome red tape and lowering taxes on small businesses can help achieve this. Minnesota needs to improve its current job climate and relationships with businesses in order for businesses to start, develop, grow and stay in Anoka County and Minnesota. I will also continue to work very diligently to control our state budget and continue our budget on a path that is structurally balanced and sustainable. This last biennium, I helped turn a $6.1 billion deficit into a $1.2 billion surplus without raising taxes and through mostly slowing the unsustainable rate of growth. I will continue to work for lower property taxes for homeowners and small businesses allowing for more resources in the hands of those who truly invest in Minnesota. I will also continue to work towards equitable funding and education reforms that put our students first and give them the opportunity to succeed.

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